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"Recently voted one of Louisville's top 10 favorite buildings by the Courier-Journal (Nov 14, 2004)."


NOW is the time to become a Friend of the Brennan House Historic Home and Medical Office! Membership at all levels provides the financial support so crucial to maintaining this unique landmark and preserving it for generations to come. Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, the Brennan House is the last of the magnificent homes that once filled the Central Business District before industrialization and expansion of the city. Built in 1868 by Francis Ronald, a tobacco merchant, the house was purchased and occupied by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Brennan and their eight children in 1884. The family remained planted here until 1969, when the house and all of its furniture, art and memorabilia became the property of a nonprofit corporation. OUR COLLECTION IS ENTIRELY ORIGINAL. This makes the Brennan House unique locally and very rare nationally.

We ask that you help us now to preserve the past for the future.

Although many things have been accomplished, the Brennan House still needs assistance in the following areas:
A new exterior sign, rear interior plastering, 1894 piano restored, exterior lighting rear, interior painting, kitchen and bath upgrades, painting of the rear exterior, iron fence restored, clock restoration, gazebo painting, second staff member and advertising costs.
Your membership will help make these things possible.

Wont you be a Friend of the Brennan House and send a generous contribution today? We need your help, and through the benefits of membership, we will also help you. Brennan House, Inc. is a 501(c)3 organization, so all gifts are tax-deductible.



INDIVIDUAL ($25) AND FAMILY ($35) MEMBER Annual memberships are the support of much of the general operations. Individual and Family memberships receive the following benefits:
* Two free passes annually (Individual) or four free passes annually (Family)
* Quarterly newsletter, Timepieces

LINGUIST ($50) Anna Bruce Brennan spoke six languages fluently, educated at Wesleyan Womans College in Cincinnati. She was Mrs. Thomas Brennan and mother of eight children. Benefits include all previous plus:
* 10 % off Special Event ticket prices
* Advance notice and priority registration for programs

NAPOLEON ($100) Napoleon Bruce Brennan, the youngest of the children, was named after one of Annas relatives who fought with Napoleon. Many Napoleonic references can be found throughout the house. Benefits include all previous plus:
* Advance notice of Events by submitting your e-mail address

MUSICIAN ($250) Beulah and May Bruce Brennan, the two daughters, were both accomplished musicians. Beulah a concert violinist, and May a pianist. Benefits include all previous plus:
* Invitation to Selected Events not open to the public

TRAVELER ($500) After selling the family business in 1897, Thomas took up traveling extensively throughout Europe. The children were very well traveled, so much so that there was rarely a time when a Brennan was not in Europe. Benefits include all previous plus:
* A private extensive tour with the Director, wine and cheese provided

INVENTOR ($1,000) Thomas Brennan was a machinist and inventor, he was awarded 27 first prizes for his inventions. He was co-owner and Vice President of Brennan & Co. SouthWestern Agricultural Works, a manufacturing firm of farm machinery. Benefits include all previous plus:
* 10% off rental fees for private events

DOCTOR ($2,000) Medicine was "in the blood" in this family. Both Robert and John Arvid became doctors. Both graduated from the University of Louisville School of Medicine. One practiced in New York, the other built his 1912 office onto the Brennan House. Some of his instruments and others of the period are on display. Benefits include all previous plus:
* Attendance at Annual Advisory Meetings

PLAYER ($2,500) Albert Andrew Brennan was Treasurer of the New York Yankees 1920-1945. The Brennan House has the photograph of him sitting next to Babe Ruth. Benefits include all previous plus:
* Two complimentary passes to one Special Event

FOUNDER ($5,000) Founders Society members will be officially recognized. Benefits include all previous plus:
* One complimentary rental of the house and grounds for private use

Wont you help by becoming a Friend of the Brennan House today?

Please make all checks payable to and mail to:

The Brennan House

For any additional information please call .
Or you may email us at .

Contributions are tax deductible.

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