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"Recently voted one of Louisville's top 10 favorite buildings by the Courier-Journal (Nov 14, 2004)."

The Brennan House Educational Programs

Growing up Victorian
Our standard/basic program includes a brief timeline of the house and the Brennan family, a tour of the home, and a scavenger hunt.

Walk Around the Block
Starting with the standard tour of the home, this program also
includes a walk around the block that starts at 5th Street and winds around 4th Street, and explores the historic sites along the way, demonstrating the importance of the Central Business District in relation to downtown. The group will never cross a street!

Say Aaahhhhhh!
(Dr. J.A.O. Brennans 1912 Office)
This program is an intimate look at the 1912 addition of Dr. J.A.O. Brennans Medical Office. The office contains his original table, instruments, books, and other memorabilia. The program focuses on the evolution of medicine from 1901-1940s, and what role Dr. Brennan played in the community, and how the role of a doctor changed over time as seen in his practice.

Brennan House Scavenger Hunt
This program begins with a brief tour of the house and a 20 minute slide show about Louisville's development after the civil war. Then students will have a blast exploring every nook and cranny of The Brennan House searching for a list of fifteen items to be found throughout the house. This activity allows time for students to really look for specific items throughout the home, and requires that they write descriptions of each as well.

For information on the educational programs call or us.

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