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"Recently voted one of Louisville's top 10 favorite buildings by the Courier-Journal (Nov 14, 2004)."

Family History

Thomas Brennan (1838-1914) was born in Clogremon, Queens County, Ireland and immigrated to the United States as a child. He worked in St. Louis, Cincinnati and Louisville as a machinist and was recognized as a mechanical genius. Awarded 27 first prizes for his inventions, including two at the Chicago World's Fair in 1893, Thomas was the co-owner and vice president of Brennan & Co., SouthWestern Agricultural Works, manufacturing firm of farm machinery. Upon retirement in 1897, he traveled to many fashionable American resorts.

Thomas Brennan
Original Brennan Photograph
Anna Brennan
Original Brennan Photograph

Anna Virginia Gubbins-Bruce Brennan (1848-1908) was born in St. Helier, Isle of Jersey, the daughter of an Episcopal minister. Educated at Wesleyan Woman's College of Cincinnati, she became an accomplished linguist. Anna married Thomas Brennan on September 14, 1869. She was the mother of nine children, eight of whom survived into adulthood.

Mae Bruce Brennan (1870-1959) graduated from old Wellsely College in Cincinnati and the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music. First married Lewis Z. Shallcross of Anchorage, Kentucky and divorced him in 1903, she then married Lanier Washington of New York, and divorced. Gifted pianist and multi-linguist, Mae travelled extensively in Europe with younger sister Beulah. She made her home in New York City with brother Albert, and was known for her remarkable beauty and was referred to as "the beauty of Louisville."

May Brennan
Original Brennan Photograph

Thomas Munn Brennan (died in infancy)

Henry Martyn Brennan (1872-1948) Educated at Highland Military Academy, Worcester, Massachusetts, Henry worked for his father's company until the company was sold in 1901. He helped found Arctic Ice Company. In 1934 he was appointed Inspector of Customs for Port of Louisville and enjoyed travelling and collecting antiques.

Albert Andrew Brennan (1874-1971) After graduating from Centre College, Kentucky, Albert spent most of adult life in New York City. He served as executive assistant to Jacob Ruppert for 40 years and also as the treasurer of the New York Yankees from 1920-1945. Ruppert was an avid antiques collector and Albert acquired similar collecting tastes. Much of furniture in the parlor was brought to the home when "Colonel Al" returned to Louisville in 1962.

Babe Ruth, John Ruppert, Albert Brennan
Babe Ruth, Jacob Ruppert (owner of Yankees), Albert Brennan (left to right)

Thomas Brennan II (1876-1939) attended local schools before going to work for his father at Brennan and Co. After the company was sold in 1901, Thomas worked for an agricultural implements manufacturer near Chicago. After suffering a he stroke returned to live in Louisville where the family could care for him.

Robert Brennan
Original Brennan Photograph

Dr. Robert Emery Brennan (1879-1969) graduated from University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1900 and went on to practice in New York, where he was a professor of surgery at New York Polyclinic School and Hospital for almost 50 years and treated such notables as Jack Dempsey and Damon Runyon. Married to Adelaide in 19??. Returned to Louisville in 1962 with his brother Albert.

Dr. John Arvid Ochterlony Brennan (1880-1963) graduated from University of Louisville School of Medicine in 1901 and completed three years of post-graduate study in Vienna, Paris, Berlin, and London. He had a long affiliation with St. Anthony's Hospital and practiced from his office in the Brennan House which was added in 1912.

Dr. J.A.O Brennan
Original Brennan Photograph
Beulah Brennan
Original Brennan Photograph

Beulah Bruce Brennan (1882-1952) studied music at the Sorbonne in Paris as an accomplished violinist and pianist. Before World War II she travelled extensively in Europe giving concerts in various cities. In later years, Beulah divided her time between Louisville, New York City and Europe.

Napoleon Bruce Brennan (1886-1977) was educated at Center College, Kentucky and the University of Louisville Law School. He practiced law, then joined FBI for almost three years before entering the insurance business. Napoleon and Opal were married in 1963.

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